Talish // Portrait Session // Edmonton

I don’t know how I keep getting this lucky. So many amazing people keep waltzing into my life. Just strolling in. As if I posted some sort of sign advertising my desire to spend time with amazing people. Which I guess this website sort of is… and I guess it must be working. Because Talish is one of these amazing people.

He contacted me because he was in need of some photos to update his website. We met at a coffee shop to chat about the shoot and make sure we were on the same page. Which was awesome. And I want to do more of. Communication is so key. More coffee shop meetings to be had in the future. For sure.

We set a date.

December 7th.

My Birthday.

I was hesitant at first to schedule a shoot on my birthday, but I love this job so much that I saw it almost as a gift to myself.

That Saturday I got up at the crack of dawn (in fact, earlier than that) and headed over to Talish’s place for some tea and indoor photos.

Boy oh boy I had no idea what was coming.

He had bought me champagne.

He took me out for breakfast.

He made me laugh. A lot.

And made my birthday as exceptional as he possibly could.

Which was rather exceptional…

I couldn’t believe it. This entire shoot truly was a gift.

I left with a full heart. And a new friend.

In fact, I invited Talish to my birthday party that night.

And he came.


Sometimes, things just work out…

Talish Zafar-71Talish Zafar-105Talish Zafar-119Talish Zafar-140 copyTalish Zafar-169Talish Zafar-153Talish Zafar-238Talish Zafar-251Talish Zafar-263Talish Zafar-277Talish Zafar-306 copyTalish Zafar-446Talish Zafar-342 copyTalish Zafar-467Talish Zafar-476 copyTalish Zafar-499Talish Zafar-348 copyTalish Zafar-503Talish Zafar-388Talish Zafar-514Talish Zafar-510Talish Zafar-539Talish Zafar-551Talish Zafar-570Talish Zafar-587Talish Zafar-625Talish Zafar-696Talish Zafar-643

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