My Grandma Beaudry

My Grandma Beaudry is my only remaining grandparent. The others have passed away. I never really got to know my grandfathers very well. They both left this world before I was able to understand what death really meant.

My Grandma Simpson was an absolutely delightful woman and I cherished every moment that I got to see her whenever we’d make the trip down to Calgary. But she has also passed.

Ardis Beaudry, known to me as Grandma, still remains. She pushes on. And also happens to live in Edmonton which is something I think I have taken for granted. Until now.

I was recently inspired by a new friend of mine, Brittany Esther (an incredible photographer and wonderful woman), who recently took a trip over to Ontrario where her grandfather and great aunt live. While there, she decided to use the time to photograph and document these family members that she rarely gets to see. To take a few moments with them, to learn from them and hear their stories. And boy oh boy was it powerful.

And it dawned on me… why can’t I do that? Just because my grandma lives in the same city as me doesn’t mean that I don’t have reason enough to hang out with and photograph her.

So I did.

I hung out with her.

I asked her questions like “what is the oldest thing that you own?”

and “What was the best time of your life?”

and learned tons about this extremely generous and giving person.

For instance:

She was national president of the Catholic Women’s League of Canada and when reflecting on it she said “I never imagined myself president of anything. But you never know what The Lord has in store for you.”

She was a founding member of the Edmonton Women’s Shelter

And the best time of her life was when she went back to school in her seventies to study religion and spirituality on weekends


She is a marvellous, giving, generous and kind woman and I’m so glad I’ve taken this time to get to know her better.

Oh, and we’re hanging out again this weekend. Only this time without a camera. Probably.

Grandma Beaudry-1Grandma Beaudry-2Grandma Beaudry-3Grandma Beaudry-4This was her first painting. She painted it for her father.Grandma Beaudry-5I still can’t believe that there are bobble heads of my brother hahaGrandma Beaudry-6Grandma Beaudry-7Grandma Beaudry-8Another one of her paintings. This one is unfinished. And I love that it is. Grandma Beaudry-9Grandma Beaudry-10Grandma Beaudry-11Grandma Beaudry-12Grandma Beaudry-13Grandma Beaudry-1420140402-IMG_2907 copyGrandma Beaudry-15Grandma Beaudry-1620140402-IMG_2907 copy-2Grandma Beaudry-17Grandma Beaudry-18Grandma Beaudry-22Grandma Beaudry-2320140402-IMG_2907 copy-3Grandma Beaudry-24Grandma Beaudry-25Untitled-1

  • April 11, 2014 - 10:01 am

    Deanna - Ardis is such a remarkable woman. Your story and pictures are beautiful.ReplyCancel

  • April 26, 2014 - 12:11 pm

    Linda Derksen - What a great idea, photographing your Grandmother. An amazing memory for you. Enjoy the journey. Kindest regards. Linda. (I am Teilann’s & Byron Froese, grandmother)ReplyCancel

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