Great North Collective instameet

This past weekend I drove down to Canmore with a couple friends to partake in Great North Collective‘s instameet. It was a fantastic journey down into the Canadian rockies with two wonderful friends. There’s something about the mountains that is just so soothing. I’ve come back to Edmonton with a clear mind and a passionate heart.

These are some photos I was able to snap at the instameet. Also, make sure to check out my instagram feed for some other cool photos from the trip!

Canmore Roadtrip-1Canmore Roadtrip-2Canmore Roadtrip-3Canmore Roadtrip-4Canmore Roadtrip-5Canmore Roadtrip-6Canmore Roadtrip-7Canmore Roadtrip-8Canmore Roadtrip-9Canmore Roadtrip-10Canmore Roadtrip-11Canmore Roadtrip-12Canmore Roadtrip-13Canmore Roadtrip-14Canmore Roadtrip-15Canmore Roadtrip-16Canmore Roadtrip-17Canmore Roadtrip-18Canmore Roadtrip-19Canmore Roadtrip-20Canmore Roadtrip-21Canmore Roadtrip-22Canmore Roadtrip-2320140325-IMG_8107-2Canmore Roadtrip-2520140322-IMG_27Canmore Roadtrip-26Canmore Roadtrip-27Canmore Roadtrip-28Canmore Roadtrip-29Canmore Roadtrip-30Canmore Roadtrip-31Canmore Roadtrip-32Canmore Roadtrip-33Canmore Roadtrip-34

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